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Servants of Christ the Light
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Grant writing/development

Posted May 25
Member since 2023-05-17

Project Overview

Our nonprofit is searching for a grant writer to assist the sisters to research and seek out suitable foundations that would be able to support our mission. Furthermore, we are looking for a skilled volunteer who can help us to effectively write our grant proposals and advise us on how to follow up with the foundations as needed. We have a few projects on our property that we are currently looking for grants for. The first priority for us is builiding a ramp for the elderly outside our front door convent.

This Grant writing/development project will help us to apply for a grant to build a ramp at the front of our convent. This is a priority for us now. At present, we are not able to have elderly men and women come into our convent for the retreat days and events we host at our place because of the steep stairs. Your expertise, time and help as a grant writer will assist us to apply for this much needed grant ($40,000) and help us to achieve this important goal of serving and equipping our elderly parishioners. We would like them to benefit from our services and presence at the convent. Thank you in advance for helping the sisters to better serve our elderly parishioners and their needs. We already have a ramp design that an architecture has put together for us. We also have a quote and contractor in mind for this project. We will just need to write and apply to a foundation for this grant. The contractor will be able to oversee the completion of this ramp project for us. Thank you.


Nonprofit Overview

The Maronite Servants of Christ the Light are a congregation of consecrated religious serving the Church in the parish as spiritual mothers in imitation of Mary, radiating the Light of Christ in their life of contemplative prayer, asceticism, and apostolic mission to children, youth, young adults, families, the sick, dying, and grieving… We serve alongside the priest in pastoral ministry reaching out with a maternal touch to the many needs of the parish family.


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