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Adoptions Together
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Calverton, Maryland
Public Relations
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Posted May 26
Member since 2015-02-04

Project Overview

Adoptions Together and FamilyWorks Together (soon to be Paths for Families) needs support in developing a comprehensive external PR strategy to launch our rebrand. The goal is to explain the need for a rebrand, generate awareness, and promote our new brand among our key stakeholders, including clients, partners, donors, volunteers, and the general public.

We are looking for a skilled communications professional to:

- Identify the most effective PR and marketing tactics and channels for reaching the target audiences
- Develop a messaging strategy for each audience that highlights our mission, impact, and unique value propositions, emphasizing how the rebrand aligns with our core principles
- Support in securing media coverage across a variety of channels, including print, online, and broadcast outletsAdoptions Together, rebranding as Paths for Families, is an adoption and family wellbeing organization that partners with communities dedicated to the life-long work of building thriving families.

In 2017, after rapidly expanding our counseling and training programs, Adoptions Together introduced the FamilyWorks Together sub-brand to separate those programs from our placement services. Unfortunately, this sub-branding was not successful on account of multiple factors.

Our rebranded identity as Paths for Families is set to launch in the fall of 2023. By volunteering your time and expertise, you will be making a tangible impact on our ability to:
- Reintroduce our organization and highlight our mission, impact, and differentiators
- Connect with the right audiences, expand our reach, and improve our ability to grow in a manner responsive to the needs of our community
- Partner with organizations to create systemic change within child welfare

With a passionate team dedicated to our mission, we have made an impact on the lives of thousands of children and families in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, for 33 years. Couple that with an updated brand identity and your PR expertise, and we're confident that Paths for Families can achieve our mission, expand our reach, and impact the community and beyond for many years to come.

Thank you for your consideration! After receiving donor funds to do the first stage of the rebrand with Teal Media (, our Board of Directors and staff will be receiving a brand guide and support on internal communications regarding the rebrand. Using the brand guide, our marketing team will ensure the updated visual identity and messaging is consistent across the website and marketing materials. With this completed, we're looking forward to working with a Taproot volunteer for the launch and external communications of our rebrand.

To implement the Taproot project once it's complete, our internal team will utilize the framework and messaging strategy that our Taproot volunteer establishes to support external communications and develop an awareness of our new brand across all of our stakeholders and communities.


Nonprofit Overview

Adoptions Together builds healthy lifelong family connections for every child and advocates for continuous improvement of systems that promote the well being of children.

Every child will have lifelong connections to a caring, nurturing family.

Adoptions Together is in the business of preventing childhoods in foster care. Our adoption and placement services ensure children a loved in a permanent family, forever. Our therapeutic support and education prevent failed adoptions. Our voice lends guidance toward policies that build systemic change that makes it easier for children to enjoy their childhood in stability, safety and love. All of our efforts boils down to our deepest belief that every child deserves the safety and stability found in a loving, permanent family.


Public relations