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Environment & Culture Partners
6 - 9 weeks
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Tacoma, Washington
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Posted May 25
Member since 2022-06-24

Project Overview

We’re looking for a volunteer to develop organizational messaging for a one-pager and other marketing materials for our non-profit, Environment and Culture Partners (ECP).

ECP is a US-based, women-founded non-profit that works with cultural sector organizations including aquariums, zoos, museums, historic sites, botanical gardens, libraries, and the performing arts in the US and worldwide to message and model climate action. "Partner" is in our name because we believe this important work is best co-created and collaborative between organizations and people. We frequently meet with potential new partners, clients, and funders. ECP needs succinct and engaging messaging to use across our work (e.g., grant writing and developing an organizational one-pager) that reflects and shares our values, mission, and services. This work may include the following:
- Work with ECP to identify priority areas requiring messaging including staff bios
- Develop flexible messaging with ECP for identified priority areas reflecting ECP's services, mission, and values
- Share best practices for using messaging and keeping it up-to-date
Climate change is happening worldwide and is, and will continue to impact people, sites, and communities - including cultural organizations. These public-facing, mission-driven organizations model and message activities to mitigate, adapt, and build resilience to the impacts of climate change. Cultural organizations educate the public about climate change through exhibitions and educational offerings and are also responsible for their own contributions to climate change. ECP's mission is to accelerate the cultural sector's environmental leadership - we lead, co-create and collaborate with partners on projects that mobilize cultural organizations to collectively do this work.

Prior to ECP's founding in 2021, CEO Sarah Sutton worked for 25+ years as a contract grant writer and supporting individual museums to pursue increased environmental sustainability. Managing Director, Stephanie Shapiro was a student of Sarah, worked in the museum, non-profit, private, and federal sectors and frequently collaborated with Sarah on work related to climate and culture. In 2023, ECP hired an additional staff member and now leads and oversees 12 projects, and is the "go-to" for resources, information, and services in the cultural sector for climate and environment work.

ECP's team has many strengths, but needs help with communicating our value and services to current and future clients, partners, and funders. Over the last six months ECP has seen a marked increase in interest in this work and having the strongest messaging and materials possible is our next step to expanding our work.We have a dedicated team member, Managing Director, Stephanie Shapiro for the project. At the first meeting, Stephanie can introduce the volunteer to ECP and share uses cases and needs related to messaging. Here, the volunteer can share how messaging can be developed. Stephanie will then develop a timeline with the volunteer, and will determine when it is appropriate to engage others in the organization. ECP has existing branding, website, boilerplate language, and staff bios that can also be shared.

One complete, Stephanie will work with the ECP team to incorporate the messaging and bios into existing content (e.g., website bios, etc.). We will also submit a new request to Taproot to design a one-pager (and potentially other materials suggested by the volunteer) using the messaging to make sure ECP has a standardized marketing look-and-feel.

Our team is excited to take the next step to improving our messaging and branding, and look forward to working with a volunteer!


Nonprofit Overview

To accelerate environmental leadership of the cultural sector.


Copy writing
Brand strategy