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Polish American Association
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Chicago, Illinois
Website design

Posted April 12
Member since 2016-12-05

Project Overview

We have an established website but no professional web/visual design or UI/UX services. We have been struggling with a visual design that can solve our problem, and templates just can't do it. We have established content; much of it may or may not be useful; multiple languages; new content we can't seem to get in and out fast enough; integration with things like donations, program platforms, etc. We need an overhaul and can't scope the full project given all the possible use cases.

Our mission has changed after 100 years, and we need a fresh look and smart ways to present and manage our content. Our old website is at, and the draft of the new one is at

We have embarked on our 101st year of service and have completely revamped and expanded our mission. In particular, the addition of major services to Ukrainian war refugees and Venezuelan migrants demands that we are thoughtful in how we communicate the complexity of holding our historical role and ensuring we are clear that our mission is now focused on serving those in the most distressed situations now.

Because these individuals can best learn how to access our help from their home countries or while they are migrating, it is vital we have the professional skills available to us so our web redesign is effective for all stakeholders in the complex ecosystem.

The draft of the new website created by our IT department is now available at Once it has a fresh new look, it will be published at, replacing our existing website.


Nonprofit Overview

Rooted in Polish heritage for nearly a century, PAA advances today's diverse immigrant communities.

Resources for changing lives

Founded in 1922, the Polish American Association (PAA) has provided immigrants with programs and services that enable them to change their lives.

The PAA is a human services organization providing a comprehensive range of culturally sensitive services to the immigrant communities and others in need.

For 100 years, the PAA has created a community dedicated to helping those in need. By providing clients with education, employment, immigration, social, and supportive services, the PAA offers them resources for changing their lives and enhancing their ability to become contributing members of our community.


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User interface design