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Enrich Chicago
4 - 5 weeks
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Chicago, Illinois
Business Planning

Posted March 31
Member since 2022-03-23

Project Overview

We are seeking volunteer support to manage and facilitate the creation of a strategic plan that supports the implementation of programs and initiatives that actualize the vision articulated in our theory of change: "To irrevocably change the racist systems in the arts so that African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, and Native American (ALAANA) arts, ALAANA arts organizations, and ALAANA people thrive."

Enrich Chicago is Chicago's first and only anti-racism organizing and change collective in the arts. Founded in 2014 and incorporated in 2017, Enrich Chicago is at a critical stage in our organizational development. Enrich Chicago exists because we believe that the arts have a unique and singular role to play in both the perpetuation and disruption of systemic racism. To actualize our vision for a thriving, inclusive, and equitable arts sector, our work requires that we examine our organizations, our relationships with the communities we serve, and ourselves to address systemic racism in our field and advance solutions to dismantle it. Until the cultural landscape reflects the city’s demographics – in the volume of presentations, in the accessibility of those programs to all residents, in the diversity of the artists and administrators who realize the work, and most importantly in the access to financial resources – the work of Enrich Chicago will still be needed. The creation of a strategic plan is essential to Enrich Chicago's success in the next five years of our transformational, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive organizing work in the arts and culture sector. In the five years of our existence, Enrich Chicago’s programming has grown 30+ times over, from 4 annual public programs to 148. Our institutional memberships and budget have quintupled. As a result of our efforts, over 5000 individuals have increased their understanding of systemic racism and have been equipped with tools to mitigate and disrupt inequity within their institutions. Nearly 50 organizations have made a long-term commitment to change as renewing institutional members. Enrich Chicago also produced the first funding equity report of its kind for Chicago. This study resulted in structural and process changes at local foundations that have led to the investment of at least $11M in BIPOC/ALAANA artists and arts organizations. The volunteers on this project will have a unique opportunity to position our forward-thinking organization to maximize our assets and build on our track record for success. In partnering with us, our volunteers will also have an opportunity to experience Enrich Chicago's liberated and creative spaces in which the arts are used as a vehicle for change. We are seeking creative, risk-taking strategists to co-devise and facilitate a strategic planning process that effectively outlines pathways forward and the measurable impacts of our work.Enrich Chicago benefits from the time, energy, and talents of a team of five staff members, seven board members, and over 100 members of our organizing collective. We utilize a distributed and dynamic leadership model to ensure that we position our BIPOC colleagues as leading voices and collectively steward our vision for change. Our team and community are seasoned in engaging in time-bound, outcomes-oriented projects and have completed many successfully, in partnership with external facilitators, over the past four years. Intrinsic in all of our work is the clear designation of duties, responsibilities, and privileges assigned to each stakeholder. The Enrich staff leadership team will take primary responsibility for managing the implementation of the strategic plan once complete. This process will include transparent communication at regular intervals with our broad community of stakeholders.


Nonprofit Overview

Enrich Chicago aims to advance our collective vision of a flourishing, sustainable, and equitable arts sector and drive systems-level change.

1) Providing anti-racism learning and capacity-building to advance institutional change and significantly improve racial equity in Chicago’s arts sector.
2) Increasing leadership opportunities for ALAANA (African, Latino, Arab, Native American) arts administrators.
3) Increasing equitable access to resources and funding opportunities for ALAANA arts organizations.


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